About Us

Our Mission

The Organic Cannabis Association (OCA) is dedicated to creating and implementing rigorous organic standards for the production of legal cannabis, promoting quality industry professionals and educating the public.

Our Objectives

The OCA will develop standards and identify materials for organic cannabis production, engage stakeholders to improve the market conditions, sustainable practices and the public health and safety standards of cannabis products. The OCA will pursue these goals by:

  • Supporting organic integrity by providing organic certifiers
  • Providing all industry participants with an independent review of products intended for use in organic production, handling and processing
  • Public education
  • Advocacy for and support of socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices


What Drives Us

Why the Organic Cannabis Association?

If the goal of farming is truly focused upon the cultivation and perfection of human beings then growing cannabis can be no different. The legal cannabis industry is nascent; cannabis itself has a history as old as the earth and humanity. Now that we as a society have come to see cannabis as medically credible and increasingly acceptable socially, we created the Organic Cannabis Association to apply meaningful and established standards in order to obviate practices from its criminal past.  We feel an obligation to quickly apply our knowledge in sustainable agriculture to help standardize sustainable practices in a fast-growing and important new industry.  Our experience in Colorado and in sustainable agriculture tells us that now is the time to make sure the right information and resources are in place for communities across the country.

While the Organic Cannabis Association certainly supports meaningful consumer labeling, education, public health and safety, we believe that the issue starts literally at the root. As leaders in sustainable agriculture, we have spent years working hand in hand with growers to advance socially responsible and environmentally sound business and cultivation practices.

What goes into the plant – and ultimately into the consumer product no matter how far removed from plant form – requires the same thoughtfulness and careful consideration as what goes into our food, water and air. No, not everyone will consume cannabis, just as not everyone consumes alcohol or tobacco. Those that do, however, ultimately want and deserve to know what goes into their product just as they might want to know what is in their beer, wine or spirits.

Discerning consumers will and do pay premiums for craft beer or bourbon, so it only follows that consumers will increasingly pay premiums for craft cannabis products. Growers and sellers that can demonstrably claim to have organic, high quality input into their cannabis products will reap the same benefit as any craft brewer or quality vintner.

Today, no such standard exists – which is why we created the Organic Cannabis Association.  Our work here is closely reflective of our mission and values; to provide farmers of the 21st Century with sustainable solutions to grow consciously.  With two states approving full recreational legalization, and over twenty-five states already allowing medicinal cannabis, the time has come for a credible body to provide professional growers with the tools to produce a high quality, organic crop worthy of being held above others, and the standards to tenably label their products as such.  Let’s learn from the mistakes of industrial agriculture and grow something we can all be proud of.



Chairman – John-Paul Maxfield | Ben Gelt | Amy Andrle | Matthew Celesta | Mathew Saks, Esq.